Traditional Fine Weave Basket


  • Handmade in Kenya
  • 100% Natural Dyes
  • Fair Trade
  • Sisal
  • Free Shipping
  • S 18 cm H x 18 cm W (Top Width) 13 W (Bottom Width)*
  • M 23 cm H x 23 cm W (Top Width) 16 cm W (Bottom Width)*
  • L 28 cm H x 28 cm W (Top Width) 18.5 cm (Bottom Width)*

A unique, striped Sisal basket handwoven Kenya. Woven with exceptional skill and craftmanship, where a very time consuming fine-weave method is used, resulting in a high quality and beautifully detailed product. This one-off basket is a celebration of the weaver’s individual creativity, as each woman decides on her own design pattern and choice of colour combination. Therefore, no two baskets are exactly the same.  The baskets come in a range of earthy-coloured variations, created by combining black, brown, ochre and natural coloured stripes. All dyes are 100% natural and sourced from local vegetation.

Available in 3 different sizes, giving you the option to use them in many different spaces and for many different uses. They make the ideal plant holder or flower pot. Use them in the kitchen for storing your cooking utensils in. Or how about in the bathroom for your soaps, body lotions or hand towels? With their striking design, they make a beautiful display up on a shelving unit or on a sideboard. The purchase of these Fair Trade baskets makes a positive impact on the lives of the weavers, while at the same time celebrates their culture and their traditional craft.

*Please note that the above size measurements are approximate (but closely accurate), due to the handmade nature of the product and each one being ever so slightly different.



These Traditional Fine Weave baskets are the result of Community Based Organisations which work with women’s weaving cooperatives in Kenya. By providing a safe working environment and by offering fair wages, the women are able to help support their families. As most women come from farming backgrounds, the reliable income received from these cooperatives is essential, as income received from farming is unreliable, especially during dry seasons and times of drought and crop failure. ‘The Basket Room’ is one of the businesses who keep the orders flowing and ensure that the women remain employed. Therefore it is important to keep supporting these organisations and the talented artisans which they work with.

Basket weaving is part of African culture and the skill is handed down from generation to generation…usually from Mother to Daughter. The entire basket weaving process is done by hand. Starting with the harvesting of Sisal which is hand stripped using special wooden tools and bare feet. It is then hand rolled on the thighs to form strands of Sisal. Once the strands are formed, they are then hand dyed in 100% natural dyes, in large vats of boiling water. A fascinating process and one which is traditional and of cultural significance. It is indeed a real privilege to stock these special baskets and be part of their journey as they make their way from their maker to their new owner. We hope you’d like to be part of their story too.

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