About Us


Hello and welcome my fellow “Nester”.   Thank you for taking the time to visit Feathered Nest Homewares, where we celebrate, appreciate and support Global Artisans.  I hope you find your time spent browsing the site enjoyable, as well as informative.  May it inspire you to create a beautiful and meaningful environment which reflects both your personality and individuality.  

Feathered Nest Homewares is proud to offer you a small curated collection of globally sourced, handmade treasures.   We pride ourselves on making sure that the production process of each item is as transparent and authentic as possible.  We are pleased to offer Free Shipping within Australia, making your purchase and checkout process really simple.    


Feathered Nest Homewares Founder

Our Philosophy

When you make your purchase, you can be sure that you have purchased a product which:

Has been skilfully and proudly HANDMADE by talented artisans – nothing mass produced by big cookie cutter machines in huge soulless factories. We're all about HEART.

Has been sourced from businesses who follow and embrace FAIR TRADE practises – we want to make sure that the creators of these products are fairly treated and remunerated  for their skill, time, love and pride that they put into their items.

Has been made using SUSTAINABLE materials wherever possible – being mindful of our environment is important to us.

Offers you the opportunity to be a  CONSCIOUS CONSUMER – we’d like to provide as much information as possible about the product’s origin and the production process, so that you can make an informed choice.  We believe that more awareness creates a more meaningful purchase.

Has a STORY TO TELL  and we love to tell itmaybe it’s about the maker, or perhaps it tells of the part of the world from where it originates. You might hear about wonderful small communities and how they benefit from your trade. By appreciating these stories we’re able to connect, not only to the products we choose to surround ourselves with, but also to the global community of which we are all part of.

Binga African Basket styling


A Bit About Me

I feel very fortunate to call both Australia and South Africa “home”.  As I often say, “I’m proud to be South African, and privileged to be Australian.”  When I think back to my childhood in South Africa, so many of my memories involve magical holidays spent in the rugged, unspoilt Wild Coast area of the Transkei.  Exploring the rolling hills dotted with thatched African huts and sharing the beaches with the famous roaming Nguni cattle, are memories I hold dear.  I have no doubt that my love of handwoven African baskets originates from the many times when I would happily spend my pocket money buying beautiful baskets and beaded necklaces from the women of the Xhosa tribe, who would display their wares in front of the holiday cottages.

Fast forward a few decades later and here I am, with my own family,  in beautiful sunny Perth, Australia. With it's relaxed lifestyle centred around pristine beaches and outdoor living, what's not to love.  It is with these two worlds of mine in mind, that I have an inherent love for all things tribal, earthy and organic in style which at the same time complement a contemporary lifestyle.

Earthy tones, organic in style and beautiful natural textures sums up the aesthetic feel of Feathered Nest Homewares.  I feel that the name of the store, 'Feathered Nest Homewares', also represents those same earthy qualities.  Both nest and feather are such delightful gifts from nature… each one unique, with texture in abundance and colours connected to the earth… just like the beautiful products you’ll find in our store.

The 'heart' of the store lies in the fact that with each purchase made, we are able to extend our support to the Artisans who make them,  thereby making a positive contribution to their livelihoods.  My wish for all my Feathered Nest Homewares 'Nesters',  is that you love and treasure your purchase, and that it brings your heart joy. 

So go on and 'Nest with Heart'.

With love,